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To Trace Load testing is not just to determine response time and throughput of the application under load it is to determine the risk factors associated with increasing the load on the application. It also to determine the performance behavior of the system under load. It is also to evaluate the compliance of a system or component with specified load requirements.


TRACE provides an integrated complete end-to-end load testing solution to its customers with its defined methodology and in-house testing tools. A well-defined end to end metric based process with proper entry and exit criteria focusing on the entire aspects of load testing is followed at TRACE.

The approach followed at Trace is based on load testing objective. The load testing objective differs from clients to clients and projects to projects like given a load whether the system is capable of handling such load (or) What is the maximum load the system can handle.

Attributes considered for Load Testing.

Following are the only few attributes out of many that considered during load testing.

  • Response Time
  • Throughput
  • Screen transition
  • Time {Session time, reboot time, printing time, transaction time, task execution time}
  • Hits per second, Request per seconds, Transaction per seconds
  • Performance measurement with number of users.
  • Performance measurement under load.
  • CPU usage
  • Memory usage {Memory leakages, thread leakage}
  • Bottlenecks {Memory, cache, process, processor, disk and network}
  • Network Usage {Bytes, packets, segments, frames received and sent per sec, Bytes Total/sec, Current Bandwidth Connection Failures, Connections Active, failures at network interface lever and protocol level}
  • Web server {request and response per seconds, services succeeded and failed, server problem if any}.