LoadTracer - Simulator

LoadTracer - Simulator

Simulator uses script file to generate thousands of virtual users to hit the server. Different options are given to modify the scripts. Independent settings can be done for each script.

The exact number of virtual users depends on complexity of the script, hardware, used.

In real scenario different users access different pages on the same website. To simulate this scenario first different script has to be recorded with different activities, and then as many as scripts to a test can be added.

These scripts in the test can be made to simulate concurrently or sequentially. In sequential method each script is simulated sequentially ( one by one a time ). After completion of one script, automatically next script will be started. In concurrent method all the virtual users of all the script is released at the same time to hit the server concurrently.

The load tracer is multithreaded application. For every user, it creates separate thread considering all the attributes to make it like a real user for the server. Each virtual user runs on its own thread independent of the other thread having its own cookie and data. This feature enables us to simulate an accurate load as real user. Think time and random delays can be given for virtual clients.

Virtual clients can be allocated based on business requirement. Many configurable attributes are given for simulating real load. Using vuser scheduler, load can be released in ramp up and ramp down manner for specified amount of time to simulate realtime load

Same scenario can be executed iteratively for any number of virtual clients. Iteration can be implemented in two ways by Number and by Time

From URL selection dialog, necessary URL can be selected or delected in the Script. URL can also be updated. Paths can also be updated. Load can be distributed to different server at the same time. At same time multiple server testing is possible.

Each script in the test has its own settings for example Number of virtual users, Iterations that again has two options Iteration By Number or by Time (Min). Think time can be modify or can be taken from the script. Cookies option can be used generate the cookie automatically for each virtual user.