Loadtracer - Monitor

Loadtracer - Monitor

Lt Monitor is a comprehensive performance monitoring tool bundled with loadtracer. It runs independently with the simulation process.

LT monitor provides variety of performance counters to monitor. All the action and events by real users and virtual clients can be monitored with this option. Necessary the performance measurements can be logged to determine the performance issues and bottlenecks in the web application.

The data can be collected over a period of time for analytical purpose. This allows in effective performance analysis.

Variety of performance counters are provided for different application, webserver, database server. While simulating virtual users performance counters can also be added and record the performance log separately

Logs of each virtual user can be captured with different options. Logs are generated each and every steps based on log level. (0,1,2,3). Level 0 indicates no logs, level 1 indicated low level, level 2 indicates medium level and 3 indicates high level logs will be generated.

Using the collected data, we can easily identify resource leakage and bottlenecks of critical resources.

Alarm facility is available to set the threshold limit for different level.

Pre stored logs also can be analysed. Logs can be imported or exported in csv formats.