Recorder act as a proxy server between web browser and the web server, it record all the interaction between browser and server in the form of script file (.ltr).

   LoadTracer - Recorder - A flash demo


In real scenario different users access different pages on the same website, to emulate this scenario first different script has to recorded with different activities, and then you can add as many as scripts to a test (.ltt). These scripts in the test can be made to simulate concurrently or sequentially. Each script in the test has its own settings for example Number of virtual users, Iterations that again has two options Iteration By Number or by Time (Min). Think time can be modify or can be taken from the script. Cookies option can be used generate the cookie automatically for each virtual user.

   LoadTracer - Simulator - A flash demo


Analyzer will produce many types of graph and reports for analysis purpose. These reports can be exported HTML format. Reports are based on virtual user detail, request detail, classification-based reports, error reports and summary reports.

   LoadTracer - Analyzer - A flash demo