LoadTracer – Analyzer

LoadTracer – Analyzer

Analyzer produces many types of graph and reports for analysis purpose. All the performance logs collected through LTMonitor are analysed through Analyzer.

Reports are based on virtual user detail, request detail, classification-based reports and summary reports. Analyzer displays many types of graphs with zooming capabilities

There are many type of graph for example running virtual user or active virtual users, hit per sec, response per sec, bytes send per sec, bytes receive per sec, number of text files downloaded per sec, number of binary files downloaded per sec,.

HTTP codes graph like 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx, per sec graph, percentile graph, transaction pass per sec, transaction fail per sec graph. Pie charts for virtual user status and HTTP codes, bar chart for transaction performance.

Two important features provided by Analyzer is Detail Information By Virtual User and Detail Information By Files. These features provide very minute details like time taken to complete a request, time taken to complete a response, number of bytes send, number of bytes received, content type of response, HTTP status codes.

Many types of report and graphs can be generated in HTML and CSV format. Results can be published as HTML pages or excel pages. Results can be published as HTML pages or excel pages. These reports can be exported HTML format.