Loadtracer is one of the best web performance testing tools developed by Trace Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It is very user friendly tool used for web application load testing and performance testing. For web application performance testing, monitoring and performance management also this tool can be used effectively.

Testing is done just like any other web load testing tool available in the market i.e., recording the script and playback with hundreds of virtual users.

While doing web performance testing, we can log all application performance monitoring using given performance counters. This tool uses various techniques to create load on web server as real user does. Then using those performance monitoring counters and recorded logs we can analyze to determine the issues and bottlenecks in the web application.

Not only just website load testing or website performance testing or website stress testing, it is also used for website performance monitoring from client and server side while doing load testing of web applications. This tool can also be used for website loading test.

Buy LoadTracer

To purchase LoadTracer license please contact us. You can purchase license on Paypal with your credit card or with your papal account.

Each license is for single computer and there is no restriction in number of virtual users for single computer. Maximum number of virtual users is depends on the hardware and software configuration.

Also note that once the computer is registered with the registration code, the same registration code cannot be used for other comupter.

Note: Please download latest version of LoadTracer. To purchase LoadTracer please contact us.

How LoadTracer Works

   LOADTRACER comes with three modules

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